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Students want to interactive with content like never before. By tagging elements in an image your students can learn and interact with study materials. Why not have your students create their own marked up image to demonstrate learning comprehension?

Try the example to the right which uses technology to assist in language studies.

Tag Maps with Geographical Info

Traditionally students label maps with pins and string. ImageSpike allows students to create truly interactive maps with digital pins that can link out to youtube videos, wikipedia, zoomed in graphics and other media. Students can share and interact with other students marked up graphics increasing study resources and information recall.

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Limitless Possibilities for Using Technology in Your Classroom

Teachers around the world are already using ImageSpike for IEP's and every day lessons.
Here are just some of the ideas they have shared:

Have students take a photo of the body and label the different muscle groups.

Language Arts
Provide students with a link to a marked up photo that has items in the photo tagged with labels that show what that item is called in a specific language. Students can guess then mouse over the tag to see if they got the answer correct.

Instead of having students create traditional poster boards, let them add digital pins to a graphic that link to additional information about those locations.

Have students markup a molecular structure linking out to videos that talk about different elements in the compound.

Interior Design
Provide students with a marked up photo tagged to provide information about color choice, architectural design and placement choices. A great interactive learning tool.

Markup a Roman statue with information about the god's on the statue. Now a history lesson becomes interactive and students can engage with your learning materials.

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